Welcome to my little blog. Since you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming you might be interested in finding a little more about me. I’ve been dabbling over this idea since college. Actually, this is my second blog and I just wanted to make it a habit of sharing and writing things over the web for people to read and experience some joy over the moments I have had in my life which is worth sharing.

I’m a passionate Documentary Film-Maker (at-least i used to be one), an avid reader of academic media journals, activist enthusiast and a Movie fanatic. This blog might seem a mash-up of every bits and pieces that I have been involved in..

In this Blog I have and will continue to share with everyone the facets of my life which is worth knowing… example – my passion for the academic publications, exploring the issue of the disparity which exists in Cultural studies and Practices.. or something as trivial as why i gave up making documentaries?? Hmmph!!

MY name is Vishal Das and this is my Blog….



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